Customer-first. In the 20+ years of hands-on experience designing and developing high-quality software, the theme of keeping customers happy has always been the same. My current areas of focus are in Team Processes, UX Engineering, System Thinking, and DesignOps aiming at closing the gaps between design and engineering teams. Years of process and leadership experience have outfitted me with a deep understanding of business needs, future software, and high-level decision-making abilities.


A continued focus at the intersection of design and development has enabled me to work on a wide range of projects throughout my career. Contact me direct for detailed case studies.

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Areas of Expertise

+ User Experience & Documentation
+ Design Systems & Systems Thinking
+ Processes & DesignOps
+ Leadership


User Experience

I love working on complex systems!

Steve Jobs: "there is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a great idea and a great product."

Especially projects that solve major problems for customers!

Dieter Rams: "People react positively when things are clear and understandable."

My path to today...

  • Began illustrating as soon as I could hold a pencil.
  • Learned photoshop and illustrator in high school to transfer my illustrations to tee shirts.
  • Created my first skateboard company in high school supplying local retail shops with merchandise.
  • Learned coding when I realized I could make websites interactive with flash.
  • Started and grew my creative agency for seven years featured and awarded by FWA, Adobe, and others.
  • Joined an enterprise SaaS company designing, coding, and leading teams until acquisition.
  • Joined an enterprise innovation company designing, coding, and leading teams for the largest co's in the world.
  • Joined a stealth startup disrupting the home buying process backed by one of the largest co's in the world.

    • Active and contributing member of UX Professionals Association.
    • Speaker, Mentor, teacher, inspirational teacher and advocate for design and creative methods.
      • Process Efficiency, Teamwork, Design Systems, and Inspiration.

This Website

I hand code all my personal websites to help me stay up to date with modern frameworks. This website was built using Patrn a framework side project I designed and coded in my free time. Patrn is a framework focused sole on layout capabilities for prototyping, building interfaces, or experimentation.