In my free time, I enjoy experimenting to see if I can bring my art and technology ideas to life. My creativity does not fit into a traditional style but represents a modern artists approach to mixing mediums. Light is the core of all my artwork, and the flexibility of mixing mediums enables me to connect at a deeper level with the viewer.

Purchase Artwork

Purchase artwork directly from me or through Saatchi Art. For further information about artwork, shipping, rentals, contact me directly. Saatchi Art is the world’s leading online art gallery, connecting people with art and artists they love.

Rent Artwork

These panels in alignment with sound can create an immersive experience for any human interaction. The light panels are able to sync with music and public environments capable of displaying everything from animations to video. Rent Today!

Light Panel

Inspired by the deserts in Mexico, designed in illustrator, laser cut on wood and plexiglass, custom led installation and coded, resin to finish.

Moon Shape

Inspired by the beautiful moon, designed in illustrator, cnc cut on wood and plexiglass, custom led installation and coded, wireless, resin to finish.

Digital Canvas

Inspired by AI (artificial intelligence) IoT connected devices, wood, paint, custom led installation and coded, wireless, resin to finish.

Light Blocks

Inspired by legos building blocks, designed in illustrator, laser cut plexiglass, custom led installation and coded.


Similar to pop up dinners, I enjoy throwing specialty events to bring the community together. These events showcase my love for combining art and technology to create immersive experiences filled with colorful interactivity that stimulate the human senses. I focus on creating one of a kind experiential shows that showcase living pieces of work instead of the traditional nail and hang art.

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• AirBNB Experience (Creative Night), Venice Beach, CA
• Circus Illusions Immersive Artshow Experience, Venice Beach, CA
• Atmosphere Immersive Artshow Experience, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
• Through My Eyes Artshow Gallery Experience, Santa Monica, CA
• Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.
• Transformer Gallery, Washington, D.C.
• Exhibition and Gala, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.
• Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
• Silent Auction & Benefit, Transformer Gallery, Washington, D.C.
• RVA Street Art Festival, Richmond, VA
• Art Whino, Washington, D.C.
• Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA
• DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, , Washington, D.C.

All artwork created and copyright David B Anthony. If the artwork is being sold or used anywhere outside of legal action will be taken. For photo usage give credit by tagging @davidbanthony. Please respect and support original artists.


I hand code all my personal websites to help me stay up to date with modern frameworks. This website was built using Patrn a framework side project I designed and coded in my free time. Patrn is a framework focused sole on layout capabilities for prototyping, building interfaces, or experimentation.