Artist & Multidisciplinary Designer based in Ocean Park, California.


Currently I am working as a Senior Design Director focusing on User Experience and User Interfaces while driving future Product Visions for a great technology company. In my free time I combine art with technology to create rich interactive installations focused on 80’s style experiences.

I love and live design. I am blessed to have been born with the gift of creativity. The confidence to direct and create experiences. Everything I see I consider the thought behind it and if there is room for improvement.

I've made it my life's work to help market and expand businesses through intelligent design and user experiences, whether they're starting from the ground up or taking a new direction. I take the latest in technology and digital resources and deliver a vision for each of my clients' needs. With over 20+ years in the creative industry i'm currently focusing my efforts on reconstructing our planets most desired user experiences.

My specialty is providing Vision. My overall knowledge base consists of professional consulting from start to finish for businesses outlined in the points below and much more if you want to challenge me. Some call me a multi-tool, the industries definition is a unicorn, but I believe I'm driven by visual excellence and business success.

Consulting: Direction + Vision + Execution + Growth + Trends
Design: Branding + Print + Web + User Interface + User Experience + Information Architecture + Infographics + Illustration
Marketing: Social Media + Email Marketing + Online Engagement + Social Advertising
Mobile, Web & Apps: Strategies + Interface + Data Visualization + Applications + Ecommerce
Production: Photography + Video + Motion Design + Sound + Installations
Online Infrastructure: Business Setup + Server + Domain + Email + Analytics
Digital Publishing: Custom Presentations + eBooks + Digital Publishing

I am fluent in the entire Adobe Creative Suite of programs as well as most modern day productivity applications. Feel free to shoot me a message to discuss a project or simply to say hello. You can reach me at:, or @davidbanthony

A few clients I have worked with include ESPN Sports Science, TED, Sony, US Air Force, Georgetown University, ASPPH, The Fairgrounds, X-Bionic, DVS, Quicksilver, Rip Curl, EG Brand, SOJA Music and many more...

Projects I have founded:
Artificial Apparel ['1998] | BitchSlap Skateboard Co ['1998] | Duplex2Design ['2000] | DBA Intermedia evolved into Process Digital Agency ['2006] | Daily Collective ['2007] | Voice Magazine ['2011] | Cafe Racer Design ['2012]

Website Update in Progress [ Version 7.0 ]
Portfolio last updated December 12, 2011. Contact me by email at for current portfolio examples.